Friday, June 6, 2008

Petro Price at RM2.70, what should I do?

No doubt everyone has just gone poorer with the new petro price, for every liter I filled, I’m poorer by 40%.

Obviously I need to adjust my portfolio to adapt to new situation. With wallet size shrank by 40%, some cars will no longer in my hunting list.

New Hunting List effective after 5th June 2008
- T-Hunt and Super T-Hunt
- Ferrari Cars
- Exotics Cars (Maybe not)

- Real Nice Cars (With better wheels)
- Discontinued Models (Number replaced by new models, but it has to be nice cars)

- Collectible Items (e.g. 55 years anniversary double decker bus)

Choro-Q and Jada Toys
- Maybe will drop from the list

If petro price further increase this August, my list will become further shorter, or maybe only focus in one range of collection, we shall see what will happen this quarter 3. YeoCP//

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