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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica vs Matchbox Hummer H2

This is the other head to head comparison, this round is Matchbox againts Tomica. No doubt Matchbox does produced good cars, but in this comparison Tomica still won with its quality finishing.

Both cars are different in scale, but it is not difficult to notice Tomica puts more efforts in producing H2, the Tomica is produced with finer trim.

If you already have Tomica H2, you may consider include Matchbox H2 to complete your collection. YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I think the accentuated wheel arches on the matchbox model shows that it is actually the Hummer H3. There is a slight difference with the Hummer H2. Anyway the difference in attention to detail between Tomica and Matchbox is very evident. Well done bro!!!

Toycarsmy said...

I personally voted Tomica, heehe, hopefully not bias.

Tom said...

How are about the Hummer of Hot Wheels? They look good too...

Aarti said...

The Hummer H2 has a massive truck frame and has a wider-than-average track firm that may offer stability against overturning. Hummer H2 is a large truck (lighter and slightly slimmer than the Hummer H1, while slightly longer and slightly taller) with room for six passengers (including driver). Hummer H2

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