Monday, June 9, 2008

Petro Price Stays until 2009 Q1

This definitely is a relief for many of us, I’m expecting the other jump on this August.

Effective 5th June, petro price increased 40% to RM2.70. The market has responded badly from the adjustment, especially the KLCI was dropped nearly 40 point on the next day.

A lot of people will not survive at the high oil price, our infrastructures are not ready for alternative rather than we need to drive.

Come back to this, it seems no way we could enjoy petro price at RM1.92, but at least for a short period of time our spending power will not effected badly. This is quite sad to many of us as an average earner.

Conclusion, before we need to face the real oil price, please continues to expand your collection. Until the day arrive, you really “can see can not buy”. YeoCP//

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