Monday, May 12, 2008

To Collect, To Trade, To Play or Do All

Here is part of my collection, there are total 78 cars in this box. Like many other collectors, I keep cars carded, I have very little cars have opened to play (or you can say display). For adult like me don't really "play" with these die cast cars anymore.

Some of the forumers trade cars over forum and eBay. I have yet traded any cars online, but I did sold a few cars to my friends with my cost price.

Lately, I have started to buy extra cars to my collection. Perhaps those extra units could exchange with someone or trade with higher market value in the coming time. So, wish me luck. YeoCP//

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aris tee said...

wOW that's a lotta cars... i havent calculated mine... i think i shud put them in a box too, they're all still carded :D

Toycarsmy said...

I have 2 boxes so far total cars near 150 of them.. i think that is alot of damage :(

aris tee said...

wow... yeah it's after you put them together that you notice how much u've spent >.<

Anonymous said...

hi toycars. do ya have any cars for sale or trade? mind to tell me? might be interested. just pm me in lowyat =) - mutt -

Anonymous said...

My cars all are opened. I love touching and taking picture them... :) Good luck Bro!