Monday, May 12, 2008

Shell-Ferrari model cars end today

For those who still plan to collect your Shell-Ferrari cars will need to do it quick, the promotion will end today (12th May 2008).

Out of the seven Ferrari cars, my personal preference is this 599 GTB. Maybe it is due to it's colour is different from the rests.

I managed to get 4 GTBs in my collection, i think most of collectors were noticed GTB and FXX is always out of stock. YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Yo bro, I love the way you compose your car shots, looks like real cars! The background for the yellow Ferrari also look very real. Lighting wise, maybe you could use a light tent to cut off the reflection. Just a suggestion, nice pictures!

Toycarsmy said...

CT, do agreed, I plan to have a workspace at home for nice photoshoot. lighting is important to make picture interesting. YeoCP//

aris tee said...

sad farewell to shell ferrari cars 08... hope there'll be more next year~ :D

Eric Chew said...

Hi, This is Ryan Chew. Nice blog page. I have a few Hotwheels which includes 2 T-Hunt$ and 13 T-Hunt. I am also into Starwars, Transfomers and Ironman. Will send you some of my photos later.