Sunday, May 25, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica vs Hotwheels Lamborghini

I have quite a interesting topic to share with you guys. I found a old Hotwheels Lamborghini car from Ah Beng, by putting it next to the Tomica car, you could see the different Immediately.

From all angles, the Tomica car looks better with finer finishing. The colour is more striking than the Hotwheels car.

Something I could not show it to you here is the Tomica also weighted heavier. I have slowly increasing my collection in Tomica with its better build quality, don't you agree? YeoCP//

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Andrew Cham said...

strongly agree with you
hotwheels quality dropped alot.....
tomica rules now :P

James said...

yes...agreed...prefer Tomica over HW.....but is not easy to find
Tomica in Malaysia compared to HW... maybe the sole-distributor here not doing enough to promote it !

Toycarsmy said...

With Slightly extra price, you get better quality, why not.. or you can say HW made alot of $$ out of it.

Oneyard said...

agreed regarding Tomy much better than HW..
But Tomy hard to find a car with nice rims.. If got.. Sure hard to find.. Such as Tomy Nissan Z Racing Type.. :(

Anonymous said...

But I think, Tomica can not compare with Hot Wheels about car's wheels. :) Wheels of Tomica are quite bad. DO you agree with me?

Anonymous said...

Still... the hot wheel quality might have dropped slightly but I am very surprised and sad by the amazing quality drop to Darda Pull Back Cars and majorette die cast toy cars. Wrote articles on both subjects.

I am seriously considering ordering a few of Tomica toy cars online for my kid because you can't buy them in Croatia :( and I really wanna see them