Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review: Shell Ferrari 2009 430 Scuderia

My review on the Shell Ferrari 2009 430 Scuderia for my beginning of my 3 series Shell Ferrari collection.

The model packaged in the paper box with nice graphics front and back. The Ferrari in scale 1:38, which very much larger than the ordinary 3" Hot Wheels series we are collecting.

The Front

The Back
The Ferrari Official Hologram recognises the models as authorised by Ferrari.

In side the box contained a Shell Ferrari model and a instruction manual explains the control of the steering function.

The model is plastic for both it casting and base, with this it allows the Ferrari run very fast on its light weight body.

In term of detailing, the model are painted with reasonable details on the lights, emblems, and signature racing stripes. See the pictures below, every corners are well took cares.

430 Front

430 Back

The touch steering is operated by 2 LR44 batteries found under the model. The touch pad is where you control the direction of the car.

The pullback mechanical engine has a clip activate the commands you programmed to the model. Immediate it released, the steering will turn according to your intention after roughly 1 second delay.

The black and red colour cables connect power source to the controller board, 2 pairs of tiny wires attached into front controls the magnetic steering system left and right. The parallel springs will center the steering immediate the magnet released.

You can refer to the movie clip to see how the touch steering system operates, toward the end of the clip is a simple demonstration of the touch steering 430 Scuderia.

Verdict: It simply awesome on the technology breakthrough from the earlier series. The expectations for the next series will be definitely higher. Can't wait to see!!

I like: Fun on the touch steering system, affordable in term of price vs technology and quality. Of course, it is a Ferrari.

I dislike: Some confusion on the touch pad (left is right, right is left), it took me a while to get used to it. Missing the Vrooom vroom sound, isn't good have both?

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asrul n ieda said... also confuse with the button..i hv 3 cars right now..hehe

Encik Ariff said...

i got the complete set just now..!