Thursday, February 19, 2009

DIY: Simple Enhancement with Nail Polish

This idea strike my head when I saw my daughter playing with the nail polish. It works for our nail should also works for our toy cars. Why not do some experiment to find out the answer.

Bought some nail polish from ladies department store and CD markers. The colours I bought are silver and golden-ish brown, markers looked for the one with red and orange colours.

After few rounds of painting, and patient waiting, here is the outcome. A enhanced version Civic Si with coloured head lights and carbon bonnet and spoiler.

Do you love it too? Should try yourself, it's simple. ☺YeoCP//

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Fujiwara Takumi said...

How do you do carbon hood?

benpaul said...

bro i tried that before.. and after some time it corroded my toy car.. when i paint stripe it, it was hard to remove and had the metal base all weird colour.. but that was a old toy car tho , maybe it would be diff for new toy cars.. =D

Niya said...

This is really stunning!

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