Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New 7 Eleven Hot Wheels Promotion

New Hot Wheels and Matchbox wave has hit 7 Eleven. Started this month to 28th, Hot Wheels and Matchbox is selling at RM4.90 and new Ferrari Racer series at RM10.90.

Together with this Hot Wheels wave, the Treasure Hunt models are between Ford Mustang GT, Hot bird and Funny Car. Other good models are Track Star Evo 7, Grey Evo X, Black Civic Si, Red Ferrari Tooned Enzo and Carbonator.

For Matchbox, high demand models are Red Smart for Two, VW Beetle Taxi, Silver Nissan 350Z and Hiway Car Carrier Truck.

Ferrari Racer only have 1st 4 models, which are FXX, 430, Enzo and 308 GTS, you can refer to my earlier post if you are new to this series.

Despite today as 2nd day of the promotion, hardcore collectors already search through hundreds of the 7-11 outlets. If you are not eyeing for the T-Hunt, you may still have chances to your favorite models.

Below are the field reports from the collectors, you can skip these location for the hot-cake models. Good luck, ☺YeoCP//

- sungai buloh (reg hunts)
- gombak (reg hunts)
- ampang (reg hunts)
- brickfields (nothing)
- seremban (2 reg hunts)
- subang jaya (2 super)
- shah alam (2 super)
- klang (2 super)
- puchong (1 super)
- kinrara (2 super)
- cheras (reg hunts)
- nilai (unknown)
- melaka (3 super)
- pj (4 super)
- damansara (unknown)
- JB (2 supers. 19 reg hunts)
- muar (unknown)
- rawang (unknown)
- kuala selangor (unknown)
- batang berjuntai (nothing)
- perak (unknown)
- kinrara (1 super)
- kota tinggi - nothing

Compiled by LYN\Demonicle

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Eugene T. said...

other notable MBX models are:

- red porsche 911 gt3
- red bentley continental gt
- teal audi r8
- subaru impreza police
- gold london bus

and other notable HW models are:

- amazoom
- grey evo x

Eugene T. said...

uhm, sorry some mistakes.

other HW notables are:

- amazoom
- red gto
- yellow fxx

and there are 5 ferrari racer models, as opposed to the 4 you reported. :-)

Toycarsmy said...

Thanks Eugene for the additional info.

Oh yah, did not count in black 575, maybe not my liking.

Starscream said...

That's a really detailed information for the 7-Eleven promotion and good hunting too!

kuku said...

is gold civic notable hw model in this 7-e wave? cause i found one gold civic from 7-e in kl...