Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scalping, what does it means to you

This is an interesting article posted by the Singapore Tomica Collector Starscream a.k.a SS. I quite like his way of describing scalping.

Scalpers do exist, there are good and bad for scalping.

Good = Buy and resell to collectors at reasonable price, the intention is to help other collectors who has no reach to the collection at that time.

Bad = Resell to collectors at ridiculous price for huge profit.

From scalper perspective, it is an investment and Investment do have risk. To become scalper, you need to possess below:

1. A lot of money, scalping is expensive, and also need to keep stock in worse case.
2. Connections to insiders.
3. Time and efforts.
4. Sensitive to Market trend, buy only the correct models.
5. Distribution channels, where to sell.

Of course you always have choice not to buy from scalpers, but if few of them covered the whole market, you are doomed. To counter this, you need to ahead of them.

That all from me, please refer to SS blog for this interesting article. T3: Scalping


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