Monday, December 22, 2008

Featured Car: Hot Wheels Maelstrom

This is 1st colour of Maelstrom in 2008 All Stars, 2nd colour in purple with the green glass. Did you know 1st Maelstrom had debut since 2001 and the First Edition series.

Maelstrom was designed by Fraser Campbell, a design brief to create the ultimate vehicle for the European Hot Wheels market. Hailing from the UK, this was Fraser's first vehicle attempt for the Hot Wheels basic 1/64 scale car line.

His first concept was to have the engines up front and the cockpit over the rear wheels. There was a concern however that it resembled the existing Twin Mill and Twin Mill II castings so a change was needed. Wanting to keeping elements of "big engines, big power, and big attitude"

Fraser continued to swirl the layout of his design around. His forward cockpit and mid-engine design made it into production as 2001 First Edition number 12 called Maelstrom. It also has some slight, tiny resemblance to the Vulture.

Model: Maelstrom
Debut Series: 2001 First Editions
Produced: 2001 - Present
Designer: Fraser Campbell
Number: 28754
Series: 2008 All Stars 2008 18/24
Color/Tampo: Red/Orange, Yellow/Blue Tampos
Base Color: Black
Window Color: Blue
Interior Color: Silver
Wheel Type: PR5
Country: Malaysia

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aris tee said...

I dun think I've seen this one around... but there's something oddly familiar about it...

Unknown said...

Yo lo tengo ese auto