Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Featured Car: Tomica S Series 0005 Nissan Fair Lady Z 300ZX

Tomica S Series, got it from one of the LYN forumer. 1st time I see this in real, a collection ran parellal with Tomica Limited started in 2001 end 2002. Despite the model number allow thousands of models, but only 10 models released at the time.

From the box, the Nissan Fair Lady Z 300ZX was labeled with Litt Tak sticker. This means, we do have Series back to 2001, but it is impossible to see it today.

The S Series is bigger size than the Tomica, it generally at 1/43 scale. With this scale, it allows the diecast built with extra features and additional details.

Below the hood, the engine compartment is nicely done. Unlike regular Tomica, you need to press the red "dot" to pop up the cover.

Interior of the 300ZX was coloured, this including the back of the door panel. The diecast already 6 years, you can see the green plastic has turned yellowish a little.

S Series, a different class of quality by itself.

I Like:
- Too rare to see.
- Detailed all rounded

I Dislike:
- Can't find the rest :(

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Anonymous said...

Wow... so nice... Congratulation!

Eric @ Loon said...

This series hardly get at local market..

PrawnKing said...

nice series.. i have some.. its tough to find now.. this serious was similar to the diapet