Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Car: No.2 Tomica Vintage Toyota Land Cruiser

This is a reproduction model on year 2005 for 35 years anniversary, Tomica Toyota Land Cruiser.

The original Land Cruiser was still built by Japan in 70s with different type or wheels and no lights on top.

In additional, back spare tyre is painted, but the original without.

The box just looked the same to its 1st production in 1970s.

However, from the back you can tell it is a product on year 2005.

The bottom just like its original, except the China word had replaced Japan.


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aris tee said...

I love this truck... always fun to see their owners run down the road with them... anyways I've never got a hold of this one. Looks sweet :P

Mattomica said...

I have one of these from when I was quite young..(early 80's) so the condition isn't all that great. But it is built in Japan in a tan colour and it does indeed have the lights on the roof. I gather from your review that the original did not.
Is it still possible to find one in tan? I've not seen any on ebay.

Solscud007 said...

I have the original. With box. Box has some wear on it. Car is flawless. Yes there are no lights on the roof and spare tire is not painted.