Friday, December 12, 2008

Featured Car: TL0075 Toyota Landcruiser (FJ40V)

This is the treasure model from Litt Tak warehouse back on display shelf, TL0075 Toyota Landcruiser (FJ40V) debuted in year 2006.

This is a rare model until you can't find any in ebay and Toy East, but Litt Tak sold it at RM16.90 with free capsule mini Tomica.

The 1st regular model Lancruiser was released in 1975 in number 2, blue colour similar to what I posted earlier.

The Landcruiser is one of the memorable to Tomica, Takaratomy which bring it back again after 31 years into Limited series.

As usual to Limited series, the LandCruiser was built with superior finishing, I can tell it was treated better with extra quality. You can see the differences in the pictures, without me need to explain further.

One of the vintage Tomica model worth than it selling value at RM16.90. But this is only you know how to appreciate its value.

I Like:
- Vintage model + Limited + Rubber Tyres + superior quality.

I Dislike:
- Nothing need to complain on the back date model on today buy.

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