Thursday, December 18, 2008

Featured Car: Custom Tomica Mini Cooper

My simple modification work on this Mini Cooper. The Tomica regular has very plain, or rather boring light metallic blue colour on both body and top.

With the added British flag on top, it looks just classy. I remember there is one Mini Cooper in the Lottery series with the British flag.

But I don't think it as good as mine with the wave effect flag. I will try out more options, but need to search more Mini Cooper which it quite rare in sight. Did you see any at your territory?

My all time favorite Vintage Mini Cooper from Maisto. I would say it worth more than the price I bought it at RM11.90 after 20% discount.

Although it may not have resale value, but it helps to compensate my Tomica #88 Mini Cooper. In short, it simply lovely. ☺YeoCP//

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Melvin said...

Waht scale is yo Mini from Maisto?

ADVedder said...

mr yeo, where can i get the mini? nice la...

Toycarsmy said...

I bought it from Metrojaya, RM13.90 if not mistaken.

Melvin is 1/43, the casting slightly tooned, but nice. I can't find any old Mini anymore.