Thursday, December 25, 2008

Featured Car: Matchbox 68 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

This car was received by surprise, it did not cost me a cent, huh?.. Yes, It came free!!! The Ebay seller gave it to me together in the Redline shipment.

When I try to match this Mustang from Google, I couldn't find any information similar to it. Just need a little help from you, please share with us if you have the background information. Thanks in advanced. ☺YeoCP//

I Like:
1. Nice colour combination.
2. The classic wheels.

I Dislike:
1. Do you complain when people gave you thing?

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1 comment:

blueye said...

OMG!!! Mustang!!! I am drooling over this... :( where is mine :(