Sunday, November 16, 2008

Will Hot Wheels increase Price?

Picture courtesy of LYN\sinclairZX81

A "news" speculated in a collector blog on the Hot Wheels will increase 25% beginning of next near.

Hot Wheels Is Catching Up
Just received a call from a friend with a unconfirmed information that Mattel is going to increase there price on there products. Hot Wheels cars is about RM1.50 each start from next year Jan. That's mean it is going to be RM 5.90 + RM 1.50 = RM 7.40. (more than 25% increase)
Posted by Melvin at Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:29 PM

I'm not able to confirm this speculation with Mattel SEA by the time of this post is out.

However, my personal feeling, this is not far to be true. Just like any FMCG products in the market, when ever there is a change in the packaging, there will be likely follow with adjustment in price.

Secondary, with Malaysia to US currency conversion rate going to stay above RM3.60 in year 2009, a US based product will not escape from price increase. This has not factored in high inflation rate in Malaysia.

You may ask, aren't we producing some of the Hot Wheels products in Malaysia, why can't our price cheaper? In fact, we are already consider one of the cheapest in the World. Example, Singapore, Hot Wheels retail price is S$3.50, with conversion 2.4 is equivalent to RM8.40. Isn't it cheaper?

Whether or not price increase next year, our Hot Wheels movement will in low gearing. As consumer, I do hope this will not become reality, I still want to collect many good models.

What you can do now is to hunt as many as possible to keep for future use. Future use? What do I mean for this? You not going to post and repost same pictures in the forum next year, but you can consider to make your own Hot Wheels version just like Elgee. Maybe a variant of 7 colours Evo X, rainbow colour?

Hey Elgee, please consider setup a online shop to easy people contacting you for customization. But I want to ask, do I get discount or VVIP member card? ☺YeoCP//

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Eugene T. said...

Hello Yeo! Thanks for mentioning me in this post! Currently the custom jobs are still on sort of a trial run so I am just taking custom requests from friends through the LYN forum.

However, I am sure I can give you some discounts no problem :-)