Sunday, November 2, 2008

Featured Collection: Fresh Metal Hummers

My recent purchase, Maisto 1:46 Hummer H2 during this festival season at Jusco with 20% discount.

It is a pull-back diecast model in the Hummer World series. There are other nice colours in the series like yellow and white, but I choose black to match to my Tomica Hummer H2. Similar to Tomica, both front doors can open as additional features to the diecast.

I like:
- It is big (1/46).
- Rubber tyres with realistic rims.
- Features like pull back and open doors.

I dislike:
- Pricey for RM49.90 (before discount), can't see any differences for same Hummer under non Hummer World series which selling at RM14.90 (before discount).
- Average finishing quality for this price.

Together with its younger cousin, Tomica Hummer H2

Tomica has more details for front and back.

Its younger brothers from the same Maisto family, Hummer H2 and Hx 1/64.

The white H2 has the nice rims, not too bad too for the yellow H2 lowed version in 24" rims.

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