Friday, November 14, 2008

Featured Collection: Custom Tomica Classic Coke Trucks

My latest custom for 2008 Christmas, Classic Coke Trucks, 4 trucks to complete this collection.

The trucks build from Tomica regular #49 Yamazaki Delivery Truck. As you know this Yamazaki truck already replaced by the newer version, lucky that Malaysia has stocks on this item. It took me a while to source enough number to complete this series.

Mostly my time was spend on sourcing and design on the graphics, putting the stickers to trucks wasn't took me much time.

I made this design as close as possible to original vintage Coke poster to bring out the classic feel. Closer pictures on individual design as below, let me know your favorite, cheers. ☺YeoCP//

Design 1, Sex Lady (My Favorite Design).
Design 2, Santa Claus and Kid.
Design 3, Polar Bear.
Design 4, Santa Claus wherever I go.

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Eugene T. said...

I like that polar bear design best. Too cute. :-)

Kenny said...

The sexy lady is my favorite, too! Great work!