Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chris Tomica Town

I bought 13 new Tomica cars over the weekend, including the Landmine Sweeper D83MS (14), the Subaru Samber Bakery (10), Furukawa Wheel Loader FL140 (63) and many others. Five of it from Takashimaya because I have lots of Takashimaya Gift Vouchers, so only paid $3 plus for this five. The rest are from Orchard Forum Toy R' Us, that cost me near $40.

I was toying with the ideal of constructing a Tomica Town but the actual Tomica sets are too expensive for me! Since I have taken a lot of landscape pictures around Singapore I thought why not I use my landscape pictures and super impose my Tomica cars into my pictures.

Hence I came up with these two pictures. Off course, I will go out to take some pictures of Petrol Kiosk, Fire Stations, Police Station and Construction sites, then I could super impose my Tomica Fire-engines, Tomica Police Cars, and construction vehicles onto those pictures.

Well, this is idea I have for now. Maybe one day I will built a Tomica town out of cardboard to display my Tomica collection! So instead of buying the expensive Tomica sets, I could have a personalised Tomica town for my Tomica cars.

As I'm rushing to go out, these two pictures are done in a hurry so it may not look as good. I will try to make more better one when time permit. There a lot of skewing to do in Photoshop to get the size and angle correct.

Also trying to get the Tomica in the same lighting condition is quite a hassle. For my new landscape pictures, probably front lighting is best so I could light my Tomica vehicles in the same manner.

Do give me some comments on the pictures :)

Pictures and story by Chris Ting

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1 comment:

Kenny said...

Here are two examples of what I do for realistic photo backgrounds:



I take an image, landscape direction, clone the road down until it now fits on 8.5 x 14 inch printer paper. Properly lit and exposed, I've had pretty good results. I'm going to try going out and take some city images like you did and try those next.