Thursday, October 9, 2008

Featured Collection: Custom Tomica Isuzu ELF, Bosch Power Tools 80 Years Anniversary Commercial Truck

Description: I spotted a Bosch truck last week (see picture below), this has flash my idea to create a replica version. The #83 Isuzu ELF Sagawa-Exp already rare to see, it took me a while to source for this customization.
Difficulty: Medium to hard
Duration: 120 Minutes
Customization Works: Fabricated stickers, time consuming in design and get the correct mesurement.

Actual Bosch Power Tools 80 Years Anniversary Commercial Truck

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Starscream said...

This is nicer than the one before :) excellent job.

Melvin said...

Nice work Yeo. Can see the trend is moving to custom modifying on die-cast. I think I also must do some too. Hehehe...

Eugene T. said...

nice fabrication on the stickers! :)

are you interested in doing a collaboration? like the two of us working on one custom. let me know. :-)

Toycarsmy said...

Eugene, Interesting, any ideas?

Eugene T. said...

hmm, im thinking of customizing a vehicle and then we do two units. one for each of us, can be two different vehicles but in a set, such as evo vii and evo x. or it can be two identical cars. have you got any ideas?

email me and we can discuss it further?

my email is: