Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Featured Car: Realtoy VW Classic Beetle

Some people may ignore this brand during their hunting. Well, my view is this is relatively a good die cast to own from collection perspective.

This Beetle is from Fast Lane, by Toys R Us originated from Realtoy. Nicely done with painted front and rear lights, detailed interior and best is selling at reasonable price, RM4.90.

Fast Lane, or Realtoy to be correct not so popular in Malaysia, I guess it has to with its resale value. If you are not a toy investor, it shouldn't held you back to Realtoy. ☺YeoCP//

Remarks: Sides Beetle, I also have Fast Lane RX8, Ford Focus - WRC, BMW M3 and some other good models.

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Starscream said...

A simple Beetle but I like the door handles and the emblem on the bonnet =)

aris tee said...

Haha... yeah, Realtoy is pretty ool... I have this bug too. Visit my blog and you'll see the 1:1 scale version :P