Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tomica Hummer H2 Custom Corporate Gift?

I found these pictures from Google, I thought Tomica do help corporates produce premium gifts.

Read carefully, it is just a joke from the blogger by putting the stickers on it. But think of it isn't it a brilliant idea for Japanese car makers giving out Tomica models to their customers as retention program?

I don't mind Honda Malaysia send one Honda Civic Type-R to me during my birthday month in addition to their birthday card. So, would you feel happy too if received one?


[Source: New Tomica Hummer H2 Special GfK Edition]

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Paanjang16 said...

Very good idea. I wish Perodua will sell die-cast Myvis or Vivas as well since it represent their product. I know my bro who has a Myvi will definitely buy. In fact UMW Toyota did give out a remote control 1:24 Altis if you order 1 of the real thing.

Carlos Harris said...

sometimes these Honda Civic carmodels just can spend my whole savings