Sunday, September 7, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Disney Motor Part2

The Disney Motor Series is selling like hot Cake in Malaysia especially on the Mickey Mouse Scooter.

I still waiting for Jamboree Cruiser Tigger to complete my collection as you can see there are only 6 of them. According to the distributor, the DM07 shipment has delayed due to some reasons.

At first I planned to collect only the scooters, but I can't resist to have them all as they are so adorable.

If you also Disney collector, you can't afford to miss the Tomica Disney Motors series. You can find them at Isetan sold at RM23.90 each.

Lastly, please see pictures taken on individual models, as for Mickey and Minnie you can refer to my earlier post.


Models Details
Disney Motors DM-01 Dream Star Mickey Mouse
Disney Motors DM-02 Speed Way Star Donald Duck
Disney Motors DM-03 Colot Winnie the Pooh
Disney Motors DM-04 Chimchim Mickey Mouse
Disney Motors DM-05 Chimchim Minnie Mouse
Disney Motors DM-06 Colot Stitch
Disney Motors DM-07 Jamboree Cruiser Tigger

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PrawnKing said...

ordered my tigger from Japan last month.. and got it 3 weeks ago

ADVedder said...

do malaysia still have the mickey scooter?