Saturday, August 9, 2008

Unprofessional Collector

This is a re-post from Lowyat Forum by a frustrated Hot Wheels Collect. I agreed legal actions is needed to teach theses people a lesson.

Below is the original post:

"Snapped this last nite (after permission by TRU Subang management), they have gone thru the CCTV and identified the culprits behind this unsporting act. Images and report will be sent to TRU HQ. Info and pics have been sent to all other TRU stores as well and they too have complained similar acts.

Hardcore collecting HW no need to go this far...if wanna "cheat", pls do it professionally. Due to missing car, TRU consider this as theft...although they took and may have paid one car but the whole item cannot be offer to sale. TRU lost RM 24.90 for this item."

Posted by Vanquish

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aris tee said...

Hey!!! I was next to that chap when he was taking that photo lol... Yeah man, that was really unprofessional. I informed the folks at TRU too...

Anonymous said...

Hey collectors out there, please be professional and ethical.

Anonymous said...

This case is very very unfair for the true collectors. In Vietnam, it always happen, especially with the T-Hunt and Super T-hunt. The store keepers take them all the re-sale with a higher price.
Nothing to say with those bad guys.

JDMike's Diecast Site said...


what da...

thats really unfair to the other collectors!

good thing that doesn't happen here in Manila, although we have hoarders
but nothin like that.

thanks for posting!

Paanjang16 said...

I was at TRU One Utama today and guess what? The same thing happened!! Some of the boxes were opened and less 1 car. Somemore the stacks of boxes were displayed near the entrance of TRU! Really daringlah this thieves.