Friday, August 8, 2008

HotWheels - Grievance

Dear Mr Yeo

I came across your blog thru google and i found your blog is quite interesting, and informative.

I'm from Malaysia and I'm a Hotwheels collector since 3 years ago. I notice from your blog that in other countries such as vietnam and indonesia, their new release is way much faster if compared with Malaysia.

I believe in Vietnam and Indonesia, the market is already flooded with Evo X, but in Malaysia, it still waiting to be launched.

From what i know, Hotwheels was made in Malaysia and yet we are the last one who got the new release.

Besides that, i'm also notice that some of the special packaging are not available on local market but they are available in other countries.

I'm so dissapointed with this issue, and i have no idea where to express my dissapointment. Thats why i came to you.

I hope you can try to help not just me but others collectors in Malaysia by posting this up to your blog so that someone out there from Mattel can hear our dissapointments.

Hope to get your reply.

Thanks you.

Yours Sincerely
Lost Souls...

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Anonymous said...

As I know, Hot Wheels is distributed through some famous dealer like K-Mart, Toy R Us, Carefour...etc.. and until now, not any of them have a branch in Vietnam yet. In Vietnam, Hot Wheels is distributed through a private toy company who has been the sole distributor of Mattel products in Vietnam. About the speed of product release, I don't think Hot Wheels release new products in Vietnam faster than Malaysia, it totally depend on the distributors. One more thing, as I know, Mattel distribute Hot Wheels randomly for each country, for example: in Malaysia, you cannot find the Red Evo X but you can find most of the Ferrari series.
Above is just my opinion. Sorry for any wrong or mistake.

arttt said...

maybe u r right bro..but now red evo already in malaysia but not the grey evo.

Anonymous said...

yes, i agreed with you all, sometimes it's so sad that we see it but can't find it in local market

Platypus said...

can u guys tell me where to get good hot wheel cars? I've got many my self, however i don't have Ferrari, Lamborghini, porch and Masada. Please tell me where to get them in Malaysia.