Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hot Wheels Grand Prix Ferrari F2000 (Metallic) is collectible

If you also support F1 Ferrari Team just like me, you should consider to have these Hot Wheels Grand Prix Ferrari F2007 1/64 collection.

The model is relatively more detailed than the earlier production. Besides the car number, driver's helmet also painted in different colour to differentiate the driver. Felipe Massa with No.5 car yellow helmet and Kimi Raikkonen No.6 car in black helmet. Both drivers' autograph are also printed on the card.

In addition to the normal Ferrari Red F1 cars are produced, 1 more variance colour in Metallic Red are collectible item. Both are selling at RM16.90, but the Metallic version already 5 fold in ebay.

Not many outlets carry this range of collection, please get a set for yourself if you see any. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

Jealous with your collection, guy!

Anonymous said...

Where to get?

Anonymous said...

oh, i like the metallic color very much, it looks so different from the usual cars