Thursday, August 14, 2008

Featured Car: Customized Hot Wheels Evo X by JDMike

Can you imaging this Lancer Evo X Rally is made from Hot Wheels 2008 First Edition?

This is one of the customized job by JDMike, one of the DCPH member. DCPH in full as Die Cast Philippines is biggest die cast collectors community in Philippines .

The whole customization job is done carefully with sourced parts from different die cast. For instance, the headlamp is from Tomica Celica Rally, and the water slide decals came from a 1:24scale Tamiya Evo 6 WRC New Zealand Rally kit.

Next, the Wheels came from a Newray 1:64 Lancer Evo7 tooned version, and antennas came from Tamiya kit. Lastly, the roof air vent was self-fabricated and painted in silver colour.

I found Mike is ultimate collector, his has gone beyond just collecting die cast, but customize his own liking. I find this is my next level, my aim to achieve. Cheers, YeoCP//

Interested to know more about JDMike, visit his blog @

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Anonymous said...

this is superb...

Anonymous said...

JDMike is really a Master in Customizing..:P

JDMike's Diecast Site said...

thanks guys!!
and a big thanks for the great write up Yeo! :)
Diecast Rules!!! :)

Mi said...

oh my god!!!! It so handsome!!! hix

benpaul said...

uhghhhh! he is really good in this customs... i really wish he can custom sum cars for me.. =(