Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carrefour Mid Valley was Haunted

I must give this credit to TKT who did this for all the Hot Wheels Collectors.

Well Done!!

We knew there are insiders job who getting profits from their job advantage. Same thing was happened to Carrefour Mid Valley. There was a Indonesia guy who in charge of Toy Department approaching collectors every time they go through their Hot Wheels search.

I was once approached by him by came to me ask me whether looking for the green cards. Immediate flash to my mind he is looking for something. I was quite angry because I knew he had kept all the nice models for his advantages.

But the Indonesian guy did not survive for long until yesterday, something was happened to him when he repeating his trick. Finally he got caught!! At least now we have a peaceful land hunting without interference.

Good Job Carrefour Mid Valley Management!!

Here is the original story posted by TKT in the forum, he was walk away with a T-Hunt Buick given as a gift from Carrefour Management.

Bravo TKT!!

19/08/2008 10:40PM
full story~

i met da indon & ask him bout TH, he said no stock.
then i created story said my friend get from him from a box.
he started 2 suspect liao, but i said i'll take if da model i like loh...
then he took 1pc Buick tat hided behind some other toys (not box).
after confirm he got TH in-hand, i reject 2 take by giving excuses i already have tat model.

i went 2 da management & complain bout da staff asking 4 'black money'.
da manager & head security ask me 2 'lakon semula' while they'll set trap 2 hook da indon.
after everything is ready....
i went back 2 da indon & said my friend (i got so many friends ?) wan da model, give him RM5.
after got da evidence, i gave da TH 2 da head security & followed him 2 da security room, wait 4 tat indon.
a while later, their in house detective brought da indon in2 da room, he was shocked i was there.

their management filed a report in police station, so now i'm safe if anything happen 2 me.
da head security told me, they need public such as us 2 fail complains.
they lost around RM100k per month coz of stock missing.
1 thing i wanna congrat da MIDVALLEY CARREFOUR management is.....
at least they willing 2 listen, eventhough a small amount case like mine.

now, is their internal 2 decide bout wat had happen.
from wat i knows, they'll fired tat indon....

story not end yet....

da toys department head was in da police station while me & da management file report.
guess wat....
is a indian guy; he knows da value of TH & he said is not wrong 2 keep it. (seems he wanna safe da indon guy, there work 2gather? )
da in house detective 'shoot' him by telling him everything in Carrefour is 4 selling, not 4 keeping!

so now.....
maybe we can have a 'clear' place 2 hunt.....
if da indian doesn't do dirty works lah...
da security head said will 'talk' 2 da toys department head.....hehehe~
hope da indian oso kena by da management....


i'll do wat i can!

FOR US!!!!!!

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demonicle said...

when TKT got many cars all kutuk him, now he help us, no comments posted???? WTF???

Paanjang16 said...

I do agree that it was quite unfair to him that we did not post any comments when he did something good to us.

Anyway, WELL DONE TKT, you exposed the bane of every HW collector and DID something about it! The HWs community are grateful for your actions.

Dun fret if there isn't much comments here, maybe coz most who are happy and grateful bout your actions were the silent majority :)

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