Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tomica Vietnam Market

I received this picture from Tom, Vietnam, a very active Tomica collector in my blog.

Quite a lot of models available in Vietnam, including the latest Lancer Evo X. The only difference spotted from Malaysia is their box is wrapped with plastic protector. This will keep the box in good condition, but the draw back is you won't able to see the car inside.

Basically the selling price is near Malaysia, but the regular series are 30% cheaper than Malaysia. Considering inflation rate in Vietnam is very high (25% if not mistaken, Malaysia 7.7%), their Tomica selling price is very reasonable.

I have few more pictures attached below, see whether you spotted any goodies in there. Cheers, YeoCP//

Selling Price:
Tomica Regular Series 45,000 Dong = RM8.80
Tomica Disney Series 79,000 Dong = RM15.40
Tomica Taxi Series 65,000 Dong = RM12.70
Tomica Box Set 240,000 Dong = RM46.80
Tomy Choro-Q 39,000 Dong = RM7.60

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there are some Tomica model unavailable in Vietnam like Hummer H2 or Limited Edition. That is the reason why I'm here, share the favors with you.

Anonymous said...


can anyone here find out info on where to buy these tomy toys in vietnam?? i would like addresses of places like this i have family going back and might tell them to pick me up some =)

Anonymous said...

also, is there anyway to source out the tomica town 7 11 variety store?? i just got the honda dealership and it looks so cool want to start collecting more but finding these items in canada is next to impossible...any help here??? i wonder if vietnam would have it...

Anonymous said...

Hei Will, you can swap your car with others

Anonymous said...

If you have any interesting, pls feel free drop me an email at

Yow said...

I know this is an old post. Does anyone know of a good place who sells tomica cars in Saigon (HCM) !

Helen said...

You can buy tomica with good price and good service at, this shop locate in hcm city