Monday, July 21, 2008

Tomica Collection and Investment Guide

Isn’t it a good idea where your collection also your investment? Of course collecting Tomica event models, limited series, box sets and etc persevere better value, but there are generally more expensive and difficult to get.

But, this does not mean there isn’t any good model to keep in regular series. If you have a copy of Tomica catalog, you will notice some numbers have been canceled out.

These models are licensed models from the brands’ company, e.g. Coca-cola and Yamazaki. It usually distributed in Japan domestic market, limited quantity will be available in overseas.

Please be noted also, agreement between Tomica and Coca-Cola already end. There will be no Coke models until next license renewal in future. Last Coca-Cola models issued on regular collection are #37 Coca Cola Event Car (22/07/2006) and #105 Coca-Cola Route Truck (18/11/2006).

Besides, you can consider those hot pick models for your shorter term investment. These usually you need to stock in quantity to gain margin from turnover.

Do keep track on manufacturer movement on their actual production cars. You may get some clues on what going to happen in Tomica Products line-up. A very good example is General Motor might drop Hummer from its portfolio after last annual meeting. This could hint to Tomica may not authorized to produce H2 anymore.

In conclusion, your collection should includes all models you love the most, but you won't mind if it generate you extra money in the future. It is all depend your investment intelligent, do remember economy rule-of-thumb, supply and demand. Cheers, YeoCP//

Authorized licensed models
#7 Alsok Security Transport Car
#37 Coca-Cola Event Car
#49 Yamazaki Delivery Truck
#105 Coca-Cola Route Truck
#114 JSDF Light Armoured Vehicle

Top pick Models
#15 Hummer H2
#54 Honda Civic Type R
#67 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Up Coming Models
#50 Nissan GT-R race car (YellowHat)
TL0097 Mitsubishi lancer evolution X
TL0098 Honda Civic TYPE-R
TL0099 Nissan GT-R

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Anonymous said...

Good entry, Mr Yeo. I think I should collect the H2 asap before the GM drop down the Hummer next year.

Toycarsmy said...

Sure, will keep extra H2 if I happen to see any extra available

Unknown said...

I have a iszuzu bonnet bus #6 s-1/10. Is this worth anything?

Unknown said...

I have a iszuzu bonnet bus #6 s-1/10. Is this worth anything?

Carlos Harris said...

So damn cute!! I got one a set of Honda Civic car models a few years ago car models a few years ago