Thursday, July 24, 2008

Grab your Hot Wheels & Tomica this Thursday

[Updated 24/07/2008 10:00AM] Today when I was there the discount structure changed again, but more attractive.

Tomica Regular @ 30% discount (RM9.00 Each)
Tomica Limited @ 10% discount (RM15.20)
Hot Wheels @ RM4.90 buy 2 free 1 (RM3.25 Each, please collect the free unit after purchase 1st 2 units)

[Updated 23/07/2008 1:45PM] A day before the pre-sales day, Jusco has changed their discount promotion. Hot Wheels will sell at normal price RM5.90 with buy 2 free 1 (RM3.93 each), where Tomica with 20% discount (RM10.32 each).

[Updated 21/7/2008 2:00PM] Jusco Mid Valley is having JCard Day this coming Thursday. This is presales day open exclusively for JCard holders.

Hot Wheels and Tomica will sell at discount price, Hot Wheels RM4.60 with buy 2 free 1, Tomica with 10% discount. Any combined purchase above RM100 will get RM10 Jusco Voucher.

Follow by next day, Hot Wheel will sell at RM4.90 each. Please make yourself available on that day, sale start from 7.00AM. Cheers, YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

I wish I were there...

Eugene T. said...

The sale on friday requires a jcard for the promotion too mr yeo?

Toycarsmy said...

Nope, Friday is open to public

Anonymous said...

Today is Thursday. I think you will be seek toy cars around the shopping mall huh? Remember to show your score... ^^!