Sunday, July 20, 2008

Featured Collection: Tomica Group C Car

I accidentally spotted this in Litt Tak Sg. Wang, Tomica Group C Car box set.

The box packaged with 2 Tomica Limited Nissan Skyline in the Group C race back to year 1984 and 1985. Both models are superb detailed, especially the 84 Skyline could detach its engine cover.

Few more photos attached below. Cheers, YeoCP//

Model Details:
Tomica Group C Car
84 Skyline Turbo C
85 Skyline Turbo C
Release Date: 2005-02-28

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Anonymous said...

I don't like this type so much. BTW, it's look so detailed...

Anonymous said...

BTW, may I know the price of Tomica Limited Edition in Malaysia?

Toycarsmy said...

In Between RM16.90 and 19.90 depending on the models.