Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rare Speed Racer - Mach 4

Today is my lucky day, while I searching for Hotwheels car, the Mattel promoter is arranging the stock next to me.

Over the conversation, he told me that the latest Speed Racer series has red colour car is limited edition, just like T-Hunt.

From what I observed from his stock, 1 box of Speed Racer cars only have 1 unit of Mach 4. So, total of 2 boxes he opened only have 2 cars.

I managed to grab it from the shelf after knew about it. For collectors out there, please grab the red colour car if you see any. YeoCP//

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aris tee said...

Oooh... No wonder there are only a few of those... will grab Rex Racer's car soon then :)

At the moment I only have Mach5, RacerX and the GRX hehe

Toycarsmy said...

T try to buy extra to keep. It already hard to find.