Sunday, May 18, 2008

Featured Collector: Cham2020 (Andrew Cham)

I know Cham from lowyat forum, but I haven't met he in person. He is very very active in the forum, I almost see him everyday in there (most of the forumers should agreed with me).

Without having to know him for long, I could tell he is a Evo freak. I received quite a number of nice Evo collection pictures from him, due to the space limitation I couldn't share it out for all. I wish I could post it in the near future, so Cham, I'm looking forward to receive more pictures from you in the term.

For those who want to know him more, please refer to Cham collection details as below.YeoCP//

Year Of Experience: 5 years
Type of collections: Various (Diecast, Toys, Plastic Models, RC ,Papercraft)
Number of collections: Not sure...(Lazy to Count)
Favorite Collection: Tomica's, 1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's (Model Kits), Customized Papercraft, Matchbox...
Excitement over the collection: When I am able to get some real cool models....

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