Thursday, May 29, 2008

Featured Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

This is one of the newer line up in Tomica regular collection series. I have yet see it available in any outlets at the time being.

It is a sexy car with very detailed finishing, especially the back of the car has a fine print of "Lancer Evolution X" (See carefully). Just like other Tomica cars, the both front doors can be opened and the dashboard inside is done nicely.

I dare to say, when this model available in Malaysia it will be the other "hot" car in the hunting list. YeoCP//

Few more photos attached below.

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1 comment:

benpaul said...

bro i am interested in ur lancer evo x and Honda Civic Type R tomica models. i am collecter too. live in subang jaya. and for the 1st time i see sum1 like me. i custom the toy cars too.. i chg rims, make bodykit, gt-wings etc. hahaha and i like ur style chging the hotwheel rims to tomica. cuz i always do tat and tomica could support cuz of the metal suspension. reply me at hope to do business wit u bro.