Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where are all the new stocks?

The Hot Wheels wave in the markets seem slow or rather not moving. I was looking around for the new assortments for long, but yet have any new spotted. Boring!!!

The common assortments we have in the market mostly on '55 Chevy wave, and some still DK. What's in the hot list are White F430 Spider, Green Lamborghini, and the rest are good too, just whether is your cup of tea.

It has been long wait, how much time we need? Or Is that just silent before storm? But when it is heavy down pouring, do you have a deep pocket?

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Anonymous said...

You're so right..The new waves hasn't been coming in and the old stocks just stays dead there.Really dissapointed everytime i go for new hauls. Can't wait for the Murcie and White F430 !! =D Just hope they restock fast.

Paanjang16 said...

I think it is due to Hot Wheels does not have CARS THAT SELL! For an RM less you can get a Fastlane car such as Mercs, Volks, Toyotas, Subarus, Evos, Focus, Porches etc in great colors and detail. Then you have Majorettes, also cheaper than HWs that has those French cars like Renaults, Peuguets, Fiat and Euro cars etc.

For an RM or 2 more you can get the Majorette Racing series with has amazing detail and affordable too. Also has the Subaru, Evo, Focus, 307, 407, C30, Toyota Corrolla in rally form.

Even cheaper is the Maisto Fresh metal which I have seen have Lambos, Minis etc.

And what does HW have to offer? sure there is F430, bluebird, gtr etc, but the fact is, Mattel never pack enough of those cars and all that's left are cars which cannot sell. Add to the fact most parents dun have brand loyalty during this economic times, Mattel raising the price to RM 6.50 even for 07,08 cars and lousy selection, who wants to buy?

Erick Jans said...

Hot wheels jumped the shark when they stopped producing real cars.

I simply do not care about these "HW-original" crappy cars they create

How long should I wait to get a 1/64 Ford Thunderbird from Hot wheels? A BMW Z-7? A New Generation Ford Explorer? A Volvo S-40? The new Jaguar XK-8? Porshe Cayenne?

Now the First Editions are only hw-original crap and "new" editions of the Hummer, Camaro and Mustang all over again and again.

I still collect the few new real cars they release, but it is nothing compared to the golden years (1998-2000) when they produce whatever what hot in the market

kelvinator21 said...

For me, i can't wait for them to arrived. It's like my stomach always go hungry and needs to be feed. So, voala!! get it from overseas. Although it is a little bit expensive but no more waiting. The market at Sarawak is damn lousy. Some just came in a few boxes and when open it up, man.. its the old stock!! What's with them, eh? Is hot wheels design so lousy or they don't know how to promote??~~ Anyway, what's in hands is this: Nissan GT-R (white & red), Lamborghini Reventon(flat grey), 2009 Ford F-150 (grey),VW Type 181 (tan & orange), '10 Camaro SS (silver), 2010 ford mustang GT(blue), '69 Chevelle, Tri & Stop Me(orange), Dodge XP-07(Green),Dairy Delivery(Flat Green), Tail Dragger(Blue), Nissan Skyline GT-R R32(Blue), GT Racer(Blue),2008 Lancer Evolution(Red), Asphalt Assault(Green), Chevy Nomad(Yellow), Honda Civic Si(Grey) & etc.. more coming next shipment.. like Ferrari California, Morris Mini... T-Hunts at hands such as '49 Merc (Super & Regular), Custom '53 Chevy (Super & Regular), '57 Plymouth Fury (Super & Regular).. Next shipment will be both super & regular for Neet Streeter! :) Pheeew.. so the long list.. hehe .. I hope the next t-hunt$ will be Fire-Eater..that will stop my heart eh!! muahaha ..

Kenny said...

Iknow this comment might be a little late, but around 2009, I started seeing the same trend here in mid-America. My local stores stopped getting new cases every month and just stocked them up at Christmas time. Needless to say, the only selection was uninteresting models that hung on the shelves forever, or whatever Hot Wheels was actually releasing in December. The rest of the year's releases weren't anywhere to be found. I don't think it's due to Hot Wheels having boring cars, because they're having a lot of great ones come out. It's just that the stores aren't ordering them every month like they used to.