Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More daring actions needed!!!

Lucky tonight I'm not so tired to write post, collectors were asking me why no new updates to my blog when they met me in the swap meet event. Perhaps, you still remember me and this diecast blog.

The school holiday started this week, and the shopping malls are full with parents and kids. Most of the retailers take the opportunity having sales to stimulate the buying power.

What I observed from the toy departments, most of the diecast distributors have discount on their items but yet nothing on Hot Wheels.

Market Summary:
Tomica - I see is biggest alternative to Hot Wheels, reduced price from RM12.90 to RM10.90 plus 20% discount, that means RM8.70, 32% discount.
Maisto - Covers most of 1/43, 1/24 and 1/18 markets, reasonable price with now 20% discount. Latest 1/64 models have better build, price at RM4.90 with 10% discount.
Realtoy - Real live models, good build quality, selling at discounted price RM3.00 at Tesco, amazing!

In contrast, Hot Wheels missed the boat, currently stuck at high price and old assortments. Kids and collectors are looking out for alternative and fresh models. Market is shrinking month by month, week by week, our GDP this year is -ve 5, the actual number will be greater than this.

People looking for?
People are looking for value-for-money, or good items at cheaper price, warehouse sales for branded stuff explained, In other word, price war. Most of the manufactures and distributors are letting go inventories for cash, no one knows what will happen next quarter, but for sure, it will gets worst before it gets better.

The same message has passed to the correct person, the answer I have is "Patience... It will start", hopefully, that will be a great one.

Do look forward like me, but not too long. Cheers. YeoCP//

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Paanjang16 said...

I do agree that Hot Wheels everywhere have NO DISCOUNT AT ALL!! Worst is the fact is that some shops are selling carded cars meant for museums (or rather the scrapheap) for RM 6.50! These are the kind of cars ppl won't accept even when it is given free mind you! I wonder if Mattel has given up to Hasbro after seeing all the TF promotions you see lately.

Atleast MBX got some discount at some places since it moves slower than HWs.

Tomica not so bad, some places give 20% discount (promotion or not) and the price drops to RM 10.32 each. Also the stocks at some places are better compared to Hot wheels.

Alternatives like Majorettes, Realtoy aka Fastlane and Maisto Fresh Metal which are cheaper and have nicer cars are worth buying if you are not brand conscious. Some of the cars made by these 3 underdogs can rival that of Hot Wheels.

All in all, I think Mattel ppl are not out in the field seeing how badly HW is doing now. These ppl need to get down to the store and see for themselves (or chat with customers) what kind of cars we WANT TO BUY!!

P.S: Where these ppl at the Swap meet? Were they there to listen what kind of cars kids really want? Were they there to count how many kids asked for a skyline,evo, gtr, ae86?

a. said...

HW are doing better this year on the canadian market, with new models like Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, new and model, Vw Golf, Jeep and a lot of american cars, nicely detailed, some of them, with new re-makes and the excelent 1/43 Ferraris but 2007-2008 were bad years for canadian market, MBX as well. But I,m not a big HW fan, because 60-70 % of them are boring, not well detailed, try to compare JL or Hongwell, Schuco or Brekina, tomica,Herpa, Maisto or Motormax with HWs and you will find a big big big difference in details, paint, decals, wheels, etc.
The interest for japanese cars is true as well for US cars, because you live in Asia ! but there are a lot of e-stores wich provides cars at good prices, some of them on sale, at this time ! check on the internet and you will find a lot ! Toys r Us is making a lot of discount and promotions at HWs every year 2-3 times a year, like :buy one-get one free-, cut prices at 1.00 CDN/ item, sales events, etc. but MBX are still hard to find ? I wonder why ? but at Wal Mart they have nice promotions , but better then them is selling JL, with only 1.50 CDN/item, with excelent details cars, special edns, etc.
I like very much the Motormax 1/64 Corolla, Camry,very popular cars in Canada ! at Mbx you can find now the R-type Honda Civic and the Mazda 2 in several colours. I'm waiting the Prius and the small school bus, but I'm a VW Beetle Collector and I'm especially looking for Beetles , Classic s of course !

scarlet reynolds said...

Your blog interest me while I was browsing the internet for Toy stores online. Anyway, these are the most impressive collections and display I have seen. You sure do love these cars, as do many of us.

Kids-Nook said...

Maisto also make really good cars in the 1:24 scale range and at a reasonable price as well.

What is incredible and absolutely makes my day is that they're telling the truth when they say that the cars are for kids ages 3+. Some diecast brands out there like Bburago say it but they break so damn easily. My kid dismantled a 1:24 bburago within a week when he was 4. We had to glue the parts together, patch on the wheels and what not :(

The Maisto's on the other hand seem indestructible. The Ford Mustang I got him 4 years looks like it came out of a mad max movie but it can still run! If you wanna see what they look like after years of play check out my article 1:24 diecast cars. I plan on featuring other brands in the future there.

As far as Hot Wheels... you can not beat that durability in the 1:64 range, check out my review at Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars. HW and Matchbox are simply the strongest diecasts out there!