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GfK Asia to provide New View on the Tyre Industry pioneering South East Asia with Malaysia

GfK Malaysia’s survey shows 17,800 spare parts shop, garages and tyre specialists serving the pool of more than 12 million motorcycles, passenger and commercial vehicles

Singapore—GfK Asia is expanding its industry sector coverage into automotive; and in South East Asia developments, Malaysia will pioneer its launch. GfK Malaysia will launch its first passenger car tyre retail tracking report in June 09 and hope to expand further to engine oil and other replacement parts in the future.

GfK Asia Commercial Director, Stanley Kee said “In Europe, we have been tracking automotive since the 1980s and within the automotive sector, Tyre is one key focus. About 50% of the world rubber supply is traded via Singapore and recently the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) has moved its office from London to Singapore. South East Asia key countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia contributes as high as 70% of the world rubber supply for tyres, confirms the importance of this region to the world of rubber supply. Malaysia is a crucial and domineering country in the tyre trade, and after its launch we plan to roll out Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Korea on top of China, as our initial phase of the automotive business. The second phase would include countries Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.”

GfK Malaysia sees the region split of spare parts shop, garages and tyre specialists excluding car brands service centers concentrating 37% in the Central Region, 26% in the North, 23% in the South, 8% on the East Coast and 7% in East Malaysia. The ratio of 674 automotive vehicles to one spare parts shop, garages or tyre specialists, in Malaysia presently indicates good business opportunity but not without steep competition in today’s competitive world. GfK Malaysia General Manager, Jennifer Chan said “The automotive retail landscape is changing in Malaysia. Retail workshops and garages are now becoming more sophisticated in deciding product mix of stock to be in line with the demand trend. Gone are the days of high stock due to poor inventory control.”

In the Central Region where GfK Malaysia will kick start its measurement of the tyre market, 91% of the spare parts, garages and tyre specialists are independently owned, dictates the logistics distribution challenge for any tyre player to win the competition ground. Local brand does have a foot hold in the Malaysia market ; within top five brands of tyres carried in the Central Region retail front, four are global and one, local. “Our survey shows that when buying tyres for replacement, consumer ranks good value for money as number one, ahead of brand selection followed by comfort of drive being third. This reflects the local and global economic sentiments and general consumers’ cautiousness being pragmatic in spending” added Ms Chan.

About GfK Asia Pte Ltd
GfK Asia Pte Ltd (GfK Asia), part of the global GfK Group, is a leading research company with over 20 years experience in providing reliable Asian retail and technology market data. Our analysts track a broad range of consumer technology markets, including: consumer electronics, telecommunications, IT, household electrical appliances (large and small), optics, entertainment, automotive, gaming as well as digital imaging. GfK Asia covers more than 55 product groups and over 350,000 models, collecting monthly data from over 6,000 specialist / independent shops as well as over 170 organized retailers with approximately 15,000 outlets. This disciplined methodology, together with tight field operational control in every country, allows GfK Asia to produce high quality reports containing reliable information that our clients can use with confidence. Based in Singapore, with other offices in India and Japan, GfK Asia offers extensive coverage of the following countries: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Australia. For further information please visit our website:

The GfK Group
The GfK Group is the No. 4 market research organization worldwide. Its activities cover the three business sectors of Custom Research, Retail and Technology and Media. In financial year 2008, the GfK Group achieved sales of 1,220.4 million Euros. The Group has 120 companies operating in more than 100 countries. Of a total of approximately 10,000 employees (as at December 31, 2008) more than 80% are based outside Germany. For further information, visit our website:

GfK 马来西亚研究调查显示,17,800 (一万七千八百)家汽车零件,维修和轮胎专卖店分享超过一千两百万电单车和商用车的市场。

新加坡讯-马来西亚是东南亚众国之首,成为GfK亚洲拓展其行业版图至汽车业的国家。GfK 马来西亚将在09年6月发表马来西亚汽车轮胎零售业的研究报告,并且希望在不久的将来延伸至引擎和替换零件。

GfK 亚洲商业总监Stanley Kee披露:我们在1980年代就开始在欧洲调查汽车行业。其中轮胎是研究重点。世界上超过50%的橡胶供应是须在新加坡进行交易,而最近,国际橡胶研究组织 (IRSG) 的办公室更从伦敦迁至新加坡。 马来西亚,泰国,印尼这几个主要的东南亚国家更提供超过世界橡胶供需的七成。证明了这些区域对世界橡胶供应的重要性. 马来西亚主导了世界轮胎业。继马来西亚之后,我们计划将下一波调查研究版图扩展至印尼,越南,泰国,韩国和中国。第二阶段会包括菲立宾,新加坡和台湾。

GfK马来西亚研究显示,除了属汽车品牌的服务中心,自家的维修中心,马来西亚汽车零件,维修和轮胎专卖店的分布如下:37%集中在中部,23%北部,23%南部,8%在半岛东岸,7%在东马。比例显示每家零件,维修或轮胎专家瓜分约674车辆的汽车市场。在这竞争激烈的现今世界,马国显露了巨大的商机。GfK 马来西亚总经理Jennifer Chan说:目前马来西亚汽车零售业版图在改变,零售和维修中心也得以更成熟的手法兼提供多种不同类产品以应不同的需求。以往因不良的存货管理导致高额存货已不复见。

GfK 马来西亚对轮胎业的研究将从中部地区开始。当中91%的零件,维修轮胎专卖店是私人拥有的。由此可见,任何商家若想争取一席之地,物流分布将是一大挑战。此外,本地品牌在马来西亚的市场也有一定的占有率。以中部地区而言,主要5个品牌中,其中四个是国际品牌,而另一个则是本地品牌。Ms Chan也透露,调查显示当消费者购买轮胎时,主要考量包括∶物有所值,接着是品牌而后是驾驶舒适。因此,她 认为这反映了消费者在经济萧条的情况下,仍然以务实为主。

关于 GfK Asia Pte. Ltd.
拥有超过20年经验的 GfK (Asia), 附属GfK 环球集团,是一家卓越的市场研究调查公司,主要提供亚洲零售和科技市场资料。我们的分析研究范围涵盖大幅度消费者科技市场。其中包括消费者电器产品,电讯,科技资汛,大小型家电,光学产品, 娱乐,游戏和数码影像。GfK 亚洲研究超过55类产品和35万个型号。每月从六千多名专业人士或独立商家处领取资料。当中也包括拥有约1万5千个销售渠道的170个零售业团体。这些有系统的方法和各国之间全方位的严厉掌控使GfK 亚洲可以提供高素质和可靠资料的报告,让客户安心使用。总行设於新加坡,分行在印度和日本, GfK 亚洲业务概括以下各国:中国,新加坡,马来西亚,泰国,印尼,韩国,台湾,香港,越南和澳洲。请游览我们的网站,以获取更详细的资料。

GfK 集团
GfK 集团目前是全球第四大行销研究顾问公司,其行销研究范围涵盖三大事业体,分别为专案调查,零售销量调查以及媒体。GfK集团2008财政年度营业额达12亿两千零40万欧元(1,220.4mil)目前GfK集团於全球共设有120间分公司,分布在於120个以上的国家。截至2008年12月31日,雇员人数约1万人,当中德国境外占了八成,若虚更多详细资料,请联络至Gfk网站

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