Friday, April 17, 2009

Review: Hot Wheels Color Shifters, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The Evo X immediate became the most wanted model when it released in Color Shifters series. Moreover, each carton of colour shifters shipment contained only one of it at the present wave packaging.

We seem missed the 1st wave of the colour shifters, which contained the 1st colour of the Evo X - red. Don't worry the upcoming wave will have it included, just that, it is in the plain red without any tampo. Don't feel disappointing when you see that.

How Color Shifting works?
The shifter change to 2nd colour when the temperature climate changed to cold, return to its original colour when turned warm. YeoCP//

I Like:
Change colour, cool feature. Can use it as temperature meter, ha!

I Dislike:
It never returned to 1st colour in my office under the air conditioned, the Evo always in black colour, tampos went hidden :(

The 2nd variation Evo with Tampo looked so nice, will see red variance suit my taste later when it returned.

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Simon Beck said...

If you put the car in hot or cold water you will find that it will stay at that colour at room temperature until you subject it to the opposite extreme. My son has just bought a dark blue/sky blue '57 Chevy which retains either colour indefinitely at room temperature.

Simon Beck
London, UK

Unknown said...

my son has the RD-03 that is supposed to change from camoflage to solid color. We got it home and put it in extra hot water and it did not change color!!!! He is very upset. Very cold water did not change it either.

ccarl said...

To change color from the original out-of-the-box color, put it in ICE-cold water or put it in the FREEZER for a minute.

It WILL change color.

To change back to original color, use warm water.

ccarl said...

Remember, the FIRST thing you do is:

1) use ICE-cold water or put in FREEZER

2) The SECOND thing is to expose the car to warm or hot.

faridmaswan said...

where can i get this one?