Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hot Wheels Military Rods: Civic Si

The Civic Si under the 2009 Military Rods Series, gorgeous, but don't think will available locally.

26 models under the series, see the full casting below.

Military Rods Castings
'59 Chevy® Bel Air™ [N9811]
'67 Charger [N9809]
'68 El Camino™ [N9813]
'69 Mustang [N9817]
'69 Pontiac® GTO® [N9806]
'80s Corvette® [N9820]
'83 Silverado™ [N9824]
Anglia Panel Truck [N9818]
Camaro Z28® [N9802]
Combat Medic [N9825]
Double Demon® [N9815]
Enforcer® [N9800]
Ford Shelby® GR-1 Concept [N9822]
Ford Thunderbolt [N9823]
Honda Civic® Si™ [N9812]
Humvee® [N9804]
Pontiac® Firebird® [N9803]
Jaded® [N9819]
La Troca® [N9807]
Limozeen® [N9801]
Olds® 442™ [N9816]
Phaeton [N9821]
Propper Chopper® [N9805]
Rescue Ranger [N9808]
Rodger Dodger® [N9810]
Willys Coupe [N9814]

Source: HWC

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