Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Wheels Fire Rods: Civic Si

No joke, there are so many series we do not have in the Boleh-land.

The white Civic is under the Fire Rods series, again, look for Ebay if you wanted it hard enough. YeoCP//

Full Fire Rods Castings
'59 Chevy® Bel Air™ [N9021]
'67 Charger [N9019]
'68 El Camino™ [N9023]
'69 Mustang [N9027]
'69 Pontiac® GTO® [N9042]
'80s Corvette® [N9030]
'83 Silverado™ [N9034]
Anglia Panel Truck [N9028]
Camaro Z28® [N9038]
Combat Medic [N9035]
Double Demon® [N9025]
Enforcer® [N9036]
Ford Shelby® GR-1 Concept [N9032]
Ford Thunderbolt [N9033]
Honda Civic® Si™ [N9022]
Humvee® [N9039]
Pontiac® Firebird® [N9040]
Jaded® [N9029]
La Troca® [N9043]
Limozeen® [N9037]
Olds® 442™ [N9026]
Phaeton [N9031]
Propper Chopper® [N9041]
Rescue Ranger [N9044]
Rodger Dodger® [N9020]
Willys Coupe [N9024]

Source: HWC

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1 comment:

Carlos Harris said...

The price of Honda Civic is just within my budget