Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hidden Packaging Date

My view, this is one of the best assortment from the latest 7-E promotion. I would say not really a promotion because it was sold at normal retailer price, RM19.90.

How many of you have actually open the box? If you open from right, there is the packaging date hidden at the white leaf. For this case, the pack of 3 was packed on 2008 December 11 marked by Mattel factory. The box probably supplied by The Phoenix Press Sdn Bhd, a fully Integrated printing company located in Prai. This made sense in term of logistic for Mattel factory in the same area.

Of course, you will still find the wave number on the box. The 7-E promotion is on wave "3618N", it actually means nothing to us except the packaging line. YeoCP//

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