Monday, April 6, 2009

The Alphanumeric Beneath your Hot Wheels

Have you wonder what is that means under your Hot Wheels, for this example A52.

I was told that is the production tracking number for Mattel factory control. A means 2008 and B for this year 2009. The digits represents week, 52 was the last week for 2008. So, A52 means a production between 24 Dec 2008 to 29 Dec 2008.

This tracking system only start second half of 2008, you will not find this in the earlier Hot Wheels productions (I may wrong for this).

Just wonder how Mattel going to track after year 2034 when they run out all 26 alphabets? YeoCP//
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Soleh Google ☁️ 👓 📙 said...

I wish I will always get the latest one, B for this year '09, I guest

Go! Go! Tomica said...

For 2034, maybe AA01?