Monday, March 23, 2009

Water Slide Decal Paper Q&A

In fact in also new to this and I try to explain all I knew.

Type of Decal
I'm not sure what other usage for decal paper, but I'm using it for the modeling customization. It looked like the glossy paper we use for the photo printing. There are 2 type of water slide decal paper, inkjet and laser printer. Inkjet are more commonly use due to colour laser printer is still expensive. To protect the ink from dissolve in the water, you need to spay a layer a clear coat before you can start working on it.

Laser Decal
I'm not going too deep in to Inkjet decal because the one I'm using is laser decal. Same here, 2 type a decals for laser, clear and white. They are exist for different usage.

Clear Decal
Whole sheet is clear until you print out the colour on it. It is very easy to use because you do not need to cut it near to the designs. You will not see the edge very much after you applied to the model. Printer won't print out white, so you need the white decal paper to do it.

White Decal
In white colour, unless your model is white, you need to trim it as near as to the design, otherwise the excess is can be obviously seen.

You need to waste few sheets before you can get it right. Each printer type is different for it print out quality and paper type. There is not standard guide to follow but try and error.

Decal Printing
Before you print on decal paper, try it on normal A4 paper to get the right colour and size. Avoid small portion printing because it going to waste your rest of the paper. Accumulate multiple designs and print all in one go.

Applying Decal
Cut the design out and dip in to water for 10~15 seconds. Slide the decal to the surface and adjust position by finger. Wipe the water gently and let dry for 24 hours.

Clear Coating
To protect the decal paper especially your decals are small. It tend to come out if it is not dry enough.

Where to get?
I think you only interested in this, you are lucky if you can find it locally. Most people I know get it from overseas.

They usually supply in pack of 50 to 100 sheets, including the shipment it will cost you less than RM10/sheet to get it in quantity of 100.

Clear are easier to use, but you need small quantity of white sheet in case of anything. Group with few people to share the cost, or else you will never get started for your 1st decal. Trust me!

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