Saturday, March 14, 2009

HWCM Edition

I received my decal papers last week for the purpose of the HWCM Bettlecup giveaway. Painting part has completed but the progress halted due to the decal paper arrangement.

The long waiting time drive me crazy, as soon as I received the decals, the logo printing begun. It is not that straight forward you can imaging, it involved a lot of calibration, try and error before you get the desire results. I will explain more in the later post.

The Pro Stock Firebird produced by white and clear decal and the yellow Camero solely on clear. The logo overlay the body colour does not have white to cover the HWC word, it turned out quite nice on overall.

I added minor detailing all rounded, it is finally with HWCM\Eight for my appreciation to the logo design. Hope you like it, cheers.

PS: Although it is simple for me to reproduce the same custom, but I will not redo any custom I made. Hence, every unit is unique and only 1 in the world.

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RikMun said...

how to make the decal...water slide??

Toycarsmy said...

yes, I have a write-up on this later.