Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Wheels Lenticular (3D) Card Promotion

Toys R Us is running a buy 2 free one promotion with a 3D card given free to Star members. With the promotion, the turnover of the assortments will be faster give way to new cards into the department stores. At present, non of the new cards been reported from TRU yet by the HWCM members.

Every purchase of the 2 Hot Wheels model at RM13.00, you are entitle to redeem the 3D card from the customer service counter. The helper will need to record down your receipt number for the tracking purposes. It sealed in the blue package like an angpao from TRU.

There are total 10 cards to be collected from the HW special features series. The one shown in the pictures is Urban Agent fall under 8/10. This could means the card number is following the sequence in the series. With that, you will get the running number as below,

Dodge Ram 1500 HW Special Features 1/10
Spector HW Special Features 2/10
Jet Threat 4.0 HW Special Features 3/10
Split Decision HW Special Features 4/10
Cloak and Dagger HW Special Features 5/10
Ground FX HW Special Features 6/10
Night Burner HW Special Features 7/10
Urban Agent HW Special Features 8/10
Ferrari 512M HW Special Features 9/10
XS-IVE HW Special Features 10/10

The 3D effect is produced by the overlapping images overlay by the plastic film on top. You can see the depth of the image by putting 1 feet in front of you.

The 3D cards is definitely something fun to collect, I will need to try hard to get the Ferrari 512M as the real diecast is already in the hot cake.

The rating on the card for the Speed, Power and performance is really mean nothing to me, but the feature column is helpful to many may not know. ☺YeoCP//

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