Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toycarsmy selected as Best Toy Blogs by G4TV

G4TV, a site with latest news on video games, phones, trailers, technologies, and cheats has found as one of the "Best Toys Blog" on their blogwatch dated on 6th Feb 2009.

How I know this is from our HWCM member, HWCustomizer who joined HWCM after the video. HWCustomizer, a US Hot Wheels collector specialize in customizing Hot Wheels joined the Malaysia community after found the link from the main blog.

The video splits into 2 portions, 1st is the action figures and Toy Cars is on later portion. The video did mentioned few elements of the blog, for instance featured car, custom or DIY and field report.

Further reading can refer to G4 Blogwatch Best Toy Blogs, or enjoy the 3 minute video clip from YouTube or ☺YeoCP//

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Anonymous said...

wah... very cool la ur site... already have free advertisment at g4tv...!~ quite impressive....