Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jusco MV Hot Wheels Promotion Free Cars

I can't imaging I actually have these in my collections, many collectors will just pass these, and this end up everywhere, every corners in the markets.

However these are given FOC during the Jusco Members' day buy 2 free 1 promotion, and the are only "cars" other than dragtors and helicopters.

Before I send it to my son for "stress test", I give them a 2nd chance for upgrade option. What I did were added some simple HWCM logos stickers and detailing on it. And the No.2 is my registered member number in the cummunity.

I would say the Qumbee turned up better and the 1933 Ford is acceptable after the upgrade package.

Without opened it, I will not realised the framing tampos on Qombee are nice and the Ford has the metallic paint. Maybe what people say is correct, "there are no lousy assortments but just not your cup of tea".

I need to learn how to appreciate each models because they are design for reasons. After this, I decided to keep for myself, sorry son will look something else for you. ☺YeoCP//

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1 comment:

aris tee said...

I like the Qombee.. I have 2 variants of it... It's nice cos it's based on the VW Combi (hence the name lolz)

I used to have a variant of the ford when I was younger :P