Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Field Report: 11st February 2009

Sorry guys, real busy lately, this is a delayed field report suppose to out yesterday.

I spotted Isetan in KL area having quite a good deal for Maisto range of products at 20% discount during Valentine season.

Example, the 1/24 Ferrari Assembly Line is selling at RM47.90 from RM59.90. Many models like Enzo, F430 and F50 are available in both yellow and red colour. The rest of the 1:18 diecast are at flat rate of 20% discount too.

Realdrive Nano highly detailed 1/43 Ferrari remote control cars are also sold at RM79.90. This is good buy because same items are selling at TRU for RM109.90. You need to see yourself to appreciate it. ☺YeoCP//

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1 comment:

TiNiO said...

i wish those ferrari items there are also available here in my country (philippines). ;)

nice blog site you got here. :)